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features for administrators updated
Webucate is now generalisable and customisable. So anyone who wants to use it to host their own on-line training programmes can do so -  The logos and banners on Webucate can be changed in this current version. Colours and layout will be selectable in version 2. For administrators we have tweaked the usage statistics page to make it more easily readable, and adding users now has lots more options - including permission levels
If you are in HRD and you'd like to try Webucate please e-mail me on

New feature: My Profile
Click on My Profile on the left to view your online profile. You can upload a portrait image (120px x 160px) and specify any alternate email addresses that you want to send and receive messages from.

new e-community interface launched
Advantages over  Yahoogroups are that it is much easier to get started, members can easily include extra e-mail addresses for home and work use, administrators can monitor group activity and members can use it as a handy place to store access details for the most common on-line resources that they need. Also members of a particular programme intake, can quickly put faces to names through the Gallery feature. And administrators can quickly add news stories (like this one) that are either whole-enterprise, whole-programme or intake-only visible.


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Last modified: November 27, 2002