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Pricing for Webucate is very simple.

The annual licence fee is 2400 per hundred users  plus VAT.  So 200 per month allows you to set up 100 users (any combination of tutors, delegates, students, and administrators).  That's just 2 per student per month.

If you deal mainly with people on short training courses, this is probably all you need, as you can re-use student registrations once they have passed through your books.

You may not wish to commit to the 2400 annual fee until you have tried Webucate.  In this case you should purchase the Project setup pack at 200 which allows you to set up 10 users to run your tests. 

Webucate is very simple to set up and use, and you probably won't need any technical help.  If however you do, you can purchase a help pack for 50 per month which provides telephone and e-mail help on a 9 to 5 basis 5 days a week.

Currently Webucate is offered only as a web-based application.  This means that your data is held on our servers.  These are very reliable servers and with excellent back-up.  

Other Options:

If you have a need to use Webucate for a very large number of registered users   eg over 1000, then please contact us for special pricing.

If you would like skilled e-moderators to help your tutors deliver the on-line experience, then we can provide experienced people for a fee that would be dependent on the length of your training programme.


Webucate annual licence fee 2400 (per 100 registered users)
Webucate start-up project licence fee (pa) 200
Monthly technical help package 50

Notes and conditions:

By definition, web serviced applications may experience occasional communication outages or downtime beyond the control of MDC or its internet service provider.  

We reserve the right to reassess your bandwidth usage if we find your students exchanging greater than usual amounts of data.  

MDC Ltd reserves the right to change the content,  and the terms and conditions relating to the provision of Webucate and associated services


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Last modified: November 25, 2002