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It's vital to understand that Webucate is different from other systems in that it is 'inbox-driven'.  Webucate takes as its starting point the assumption that users will be busy people and scattered geographically.  Experience has shown that such learners do NOT log into web sites or bulletin boards to see what has been going on with their course while they have been busy earning a living.  And they find the group email, or ecommunity, absolutely vital to keeping on track.  That's why the heart of Webucate is the inbox-driven ecommunity learning.

Webucate allows course administrators to set up, manage and control a virtual training programme.  It is ideal for students who are scattered geographically but who need to be kept motivated (for instance a national salesforce).  It is also useful for students who may be close together geographically but meet only occasionally (for example a part time, one evening a week class in a local college).

It is ideally suited to programmes where at least some occasional form of face-to-face contact is provided, although it can be used for controlling pure distance learning courses.

If you would like to download a powerpoint show which can be used to present Webucate to colleagues, right click here then save it to your hard disk.

Features for administrators

Set-up a programme

A properly registered administrator can set up all the parameters for a particular programme (or intake) such as start date, end date, venue, etc

Select Intake

Allows an administrator to choose a previously set up intake or programme to update

User admin

allows the entry of student or delegate details (name photo and email address mainly), and allows the assignment of various permission levels for the user and moderation of group e-mail if required

News admin 


allows the entry of news items that are displayed on the home page seen whenever a student or delegate logs in.  These items can be set to display on particular intake home pages or across all of them

Link admin

Allows addition of useful links and resources for participants

User statistics

allows checking of which group members are active and which are failing to participate

Features visible to students/delegates

Group email

The hub of the e-community - where students can see the archive of group e-mail traffic (and post and respond if they wish)


Where students can view pictures of their fellow students and tutors (and click thru to communicate)

My Profile

students can change their picture or add more detailed CVs or change their passwords


view and click resource links entered by the administrator


study materials can be downloaded and assignments uploaded,  Students can upload files they find useful for the rest of the group to download

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Last modified: June 24, 2003