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Here are some comments from current users of Webucate:

"The e-group link is really useful and I've made good use of it (although admittedly more as a lurker!)
All in all I am really glad I did consider this course."
Stephan Phillips, Director of Advertisement Sales, Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd. (a student on an MSc programme)

and here's a follow-up from Stephan)

Yes, I've stopped lurking for a minute.

During the whole process lurking on the egroup has given me a lot of encouragement, and Lynn, my tutor has been really excellent, using just the right skills to help me  and coach me to achieve the next stage. Without her support it would not have happened.

I did  hit a block and nearly gave up, but am through it now, and looking forward to getting the project completed, whatever the outcome.

A colleague at work is 3/4 way through a PhD, and has stopped for 4 months. He's hit a block, and I'm busy trying to persuade him to keep going. He doesn't have the support mechanism that this group gave me, so thanks for all the encouragement, because without it I would not have gone as far as I have.

I think you can't do this type of study in total isolation. You need people who know what you are going through, or at least a knowledge that other people are going through what you are!

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, hopefully with those funny hats and coats. (at the graduation ceremony - editor)

Tony Snowdon:

"The first weekend was very good, but the experience of then being thrown straight into an assignment was traumatic; not having a semester to work up to it. Having said that I should have expected it !
Come the second weekend, I think I was shell shocked, and poorly prepared having spent so much stressful and perhaps poorly directed effort on the first assignment. Perhaps a week between handing in and the next residential might have been in order.
Having said all that, ''I am now 'into' the second assignment and a lot more focused and organised, and really enjoying it''. The residential weekends are great, if a little frenetic, and I feel that we have a great group - students and lecturers, not forgetting all at MDC.
Networking is starting, I sense that the support will be brilliant, and potentially even better than seeing one's tutor once a month for half an hour !  I have perhaps been cynical about distance learning in the past, feeling that I might feel too remote and not too motivated, but things just seem to be warming up.
If you (MDC) offered another residential weekend, I think that I would be the first to accept. I think that the communication aspect is crucial, to help pull everyone along, and if anyone struggles for short periods, it is important that they can share experiences with the rest of the group, to help get them back on track."
Tony Snowdon, Marketing Director, FTL Seals Technology

Some comments from administrators:

'Since we introduced the ecommunity aspect through Webucate, the results and particularly the retention rates have been spectacular'.  Frances Clarke (Education Programmes Manager)

'Webucate is just what we have always needed to keep a disparate group of busy executives on track to complete their degrees.  It's particularly important where delegates are based in various countries in the Gulf region, and don't physically meet each other very often.'  Rob Rice Managing Director of Middle East Consultants Ltd

'Our results on the MSc in Marketing part-time programme have been much much better than the university had any right to expect.  We think this is largely due to the mutual support structures that are provided by the e-group function within Webucate'  Robin Croft Head of Marketing, the Business School Glamorgan University


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Last modified: November 25, 2002