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"We have achieved unprecedented completions in some of our off-campus executive MSc programmes, and we believe that is due in large part to the Webucate system" ..... Course Director at a top university business school

"Great week-end.
Just testing and checking.
Looking for: strategic purchasing.
any hits post on the Webucate" ....... Recent delegate on a Webucate supported programme

"The e-group link (Webucate) is really useful and I've made good use of it (although admittedly more as a lurker!).  All in all I am really glad I did consider this course."
.... Stephan Phillips, Director of Advertisement Sales, Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd.

....... and also from Stephan later ..... "A colleague at work is 3/4 way through a PhD, and has stopped for 4 months. He's hit a block, and I'm busy trying to persuade him to keep going. He doesn't have the support mechanism that this group gave me, so thanks for all the encouragement, because without it I would not have gone as far as I have.

I think you can't do this type of study in total isolation. You need people who know what you are going through, or at least a knowledge that other people are going through what you are!

"I have perhaps been cynical about distance learning in the past, feeling that I might feel too remote and not too motivated, but things just seem to be warming up.
If you (MDC) offered another residential weekend, I think that I would be the first to accept. I think that the communication aspect is crucial, to help pull everyone along, and if anyone struggles for short periods, it is important that they can share experiences with the rest of the group, to help get them back on track."
......Tony Snowdon, Marketing Director, FTL Seals Technology


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Last modified: June 16, 2003